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Why I chose to try Dresslily dresses?

Who is Dresslily?

who is dresslily

Dresslily is a clothing and accessories company launched in 2012. Over the last decade, they have been promoting inclusive fashion for women of all sizes at affordable prices. Dresslily does not believe in beauty standards and seeks to promote uniqueness and nurture self-confidence.

Dresslily’s mission is to make fashion available for all shapes and sizes.

This inclusive clothing company makes deliveries worldwide to over 100 countries and it offers free shipping to orders over $59 USD. Clients benefit from 30-day returns, and a warranty is available for specific products.

Where is Dresslily located?

Dresslily is located in Asia, which helps with reducing costs associated with the site and manufacturing process. Now that you know where is Dresslily headquarters, you can understand why it can afford to offer clients such inexpensive costs for clothing.

Where Dresslily is based isn’t that important unless you make it a point to exclusively shop locally. Because anyone who looks for inexpensive clothes knows they’ll end up buying clothes from China or other Asian countries, anyway.

Is Dresslily legit?

Is Dresslily legit

From my personal experience with this company, I can honestly say that there is no Dresslily scam and that the Dresslily website is legit. If there were any Dresslily scams out there, I doubt that this company would still have almost 750,000 followers on Instagram and over 11,000,000 followers on Facebook that like and engage with their content.

Who is Dresslily for?

The majority of Dresslily’s clientele is formed by strong, hardworking women who are searching for a wide choice of fits, cuts, and patterns that look good on their bodies, highlight their great features, and make them feel good in their skin. They don’t want to change their body for fashion, they want fashion catered to their body types.

Why I chose to try Dresslily dresses

With age, the pandemic restrictions, and some other events that made me feel really low and really demotivated to get out of bed lots of times, my body has changed a lot. And while my husband is more than happy with how I look now and I do like some of its new curves, shopping is a lot more difficult.

I’ve actually always struggled with shopping in general because it’s never been easy to find something that fits me well. I am tall so whatever is long enough to cover my legs or arms properly is then way too large for the rest of my body. That’s happening to me even now when I put on a lot of weight.

For example, yesterday I went to Decathlon and all the long-cut trekking pants that were long enough for me were potato sacks around my waist and there was no way to put on a belt or tighten them with their own adjustable straps/strings to make them look good. I ended up buying two pairs of pants from the men’s aisle to find something long enough that was also tighter around the waist. Oh, and to add insult to injury, the same models of pants cut for men were significantly cheaper than those in the women’s aisle.

So I was eager to try clothing from a company that promotes body inclusivity and aims to provide products that fit all bodies well. I ended up choosing two long dresses by Dresslily:

  • An A-line solid color party dress with plunging neckline
  • An rainbow ombre dress with adjustable shoulder straps.

Further down below, you will find my Dresslily reviews for both of these maxi dresses.

Dresslily dresses shipping and delivery

The delivery was pretty fast and the two Dresslily dresses were packed individually before being packed in the same parcel. I liked two small touches:

  • A ribbon was placed around the packaging of the A-line dress
  • The following note was added next to the products:

    “Dear Dresslily customer,
    We are very thankful for your purchase and we hope that you enjoy each product of your order.
    Your satisfaction with our products is important for[sic!] us. So if you find any problem with your order, please feel free to contact our Customer Support Center at support[at]dressLily[dot]com.
    Also, we have great news! This year is super special to Dresslily, as we are heading towards our 10th Anniversary! So we are getting ready to celebrate it big! With huge sales, activities, and new products arrivals!”

    On the back, the note had several coupon codes depending on the amount purchased, info about their mobile app, and social media handles.
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