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Verpex Reviews 2023

Verpex Reviews – Fastest Web Hosting Company In 2023

Verpex Hosting Reviews

Are you looking for reliable web hosting for your business or blog? Here I have picked an amazing web hosting company which offers quite good web hosting services since 2018. The verpex reviews guide will help you to introduce the services and features of the company. Verpex is one of the fastest-growing web hosting companies in the hosting market. They offer a variety of web hosting-related services.

I am using verpex for one of my US-based niche sites and after 1 year I’m writing this guide to provide my experience with the company. I have never called for support because of their guaranteed service.

You’ll be amazed after a trial of this company. So, if you are ready to change web hosting or want to try a new web hosting company then read the complete article.

Let’s dive into the topic.

verpex website
verpex website

Verpex Overview

Web hosting is crucial when you try to find the best one. verpex is one of the well-known web hosting companies which offer complete hosting-related services including shared hosting, cloud hosting, WordPress hosting, or managed servers.

The company uses the latest technology to provide quality service. As per their motive, they are always concreted with the customer’s satisfaction.  Technology such as NVME disk space, premium bandwidth, LiteSpeed web server, and cPanel as a control panel makes them different.

Verpex Web Hosting Plans


The company offers a variety of web hosting plans. You can read the description of which plans you are interested in. All plans are well decorated by the resources and limits. You can choose plans as per your needs. You don’t need to pay the extra hidden costs for essential features such as SSL certificate, cPanel, and Daily Backups.


If you are interested in reseller web hosting then you can try verpex. It has amazingly decorated plans basic to advance. The verpex offers 3 different reseller plans which are limited by the resources and features. 

FeaturesStart-up ResellerPro ResellerUnlimited Reseller
Live RAM2GB Per cPanel2GB Per cPanel4GB Per cPanel
SSL CertificateYesYesYes
Free MigrationYesYesYes
Free DomainYesYesYes

Cloud Web Hosting

The Cloud web hosting plans were shared hosting plans offered by verpex were great. You’ll get everything to run your super fast website. The pricing was decent, you can start hosting your website with verpex at just 2$ a month.

WordPress Hosting

This plan was optimized for the wordpress website. With this web hosting plan, you can host your wordpress website in an optimized platform. WordPress is one of the leading CMS in the market. The wordpress site required some configuration to load fast so verpex optimized their server for wordpress.

Managed Cloud Server

The managed service is the best for those who don’t want to handle web hosting servers themself. The server was the fastest for any type of website.

Managed WordPress Hosting

Verpex offers managed wordpress hosting so if you have growing wordpress then the plan is best for you. You don’t need to pay extra for the web hosting-related task if you go with this plan. The sites having decent traffic need regular updates and it was tough to handle by one person. Verpex offers managed wordpress hosting to solve these kinds of problems.

Verpex Domain Registration

The domain name is the key to the business’s success. Verpex offers a domain name registration service. You can register almost all domain name extensions.

You’ll get contact management, free privacy protection, and transfer out free of charge.

Features of Verpex Web Hosting

 The verpex web hosting company offers amazon features for their clients. You’ll get everything to get started with your website within a few minutes. There are tons of web hosting companies on the market like Bluehost, cloudways, a2hosting, and more. This company is out of the box because of the simple price and lots of features that make your website powerful.


Free Domain Name:

If you want to start a new website and are looking to buy a domain name then you’ll get a free domain name with a web hosting purchase. This was an amazing deal when you don’t want to pay extra for the domain name. Free domain names are only available in the yearly web hosting plan.

Free SSL Certificate:

As per google’s new update website security is the most important. Your site requires an SSL certificate to get a secured batch on the browser so it is also important for SEO. You’ll get free SSL certificates for your websites when you buy web hosting from Verpex.

NVMe SSD Storage:

This is the fastest storage drive and it can boost your website loading speed. Traditional storage can harm your website speed so NVMe is perfect if you need a super fast website.


This is the best and #1 web hosting control panel. Almost every web hosting company offers Cpanel as a web hosting control panel. It offers amazing features that really make your website easy to use.  

Daily Backups:

Backups are crucial when we think about website security and data. We put lots of effort and money into building a beautiful website so backups can save your lives. You can easily restore when you need to restore your website.

Quick Export Support:

Support is an essential feature we should check out first. We don’t get full access to our servers or data centers and we are not a hosting export so we need a person who can solve our issue regarding web hosting.

Free Migration:

If you decide to migrate your web hosting to Verpex don’t worry about losing data because they offer unlimited free migration. Just request the migration with your website login credentials.

45 Days Money Back Guarantee:

There is no hidden contract so you request a refund within 45 days of purchase. 

Malware Protection:

I am always looking forward to improving my website security, you have to do that also. But somehow if your site gets hacked you’ll get free malware removal support and malware protection to prevent hacking.

Verpex Affiliate Programs

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to get paid for promotion. Verpex offers web hosting affiliate programs for the marketer. The affiliate marketers of Verpex earn up to $150 per sale.


If you are a blogger or digital marketer, grab the opportunities here.


If you are searching for cheap and reliable web hosting then definitely check Verpex. There is no lock contract so you can request a refund when you think this hosting is not good for you. The company doesn’t have its own data centers so if any disaster happens in data centers you can’t get any solution. I will highly recommend this web hosting for beginners who need web hosting with a free domain name.

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