Should you book with Traveloka? An in-depth review [2023]

Should you book with Traveloka? An in-depth review [2023]

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Before the internet, planning your travel was expensive and time-consuming. Booking your flight can only be done with the help of travel agents. Finding a place to stay at your destination requires guidebooks and other physical resources.

All of those have changed today. Thanks to online travel agencies, booking flights and finding hotels can all be done with your smartphone.

Technology and the internet have paved the way for the rise of online travel agencies. People love safe, convenient, and time-saving travel applications. And it's turning out to be the future of travel. But with the massive growth of online travel agencies (OTAs) like Momondo and Travelocity comes a saturation of OTAs, promising better deals and smoother booking processes.

With so many to pick from, it's hard to access your choices. That's why we've decided to review them for you holistically to be in the know when you're making the decision!

This article will review one of the top online travel agencies today: Traveloka. The brand Traveloka is a well-known OTA within the Southeast Asian community, but are they actually helpful?

Are they the best online travel agency for you, and how does it work? Let's find out!

What is Traveloka?

Traveloka is one of Southeast Asia's leading online travel agencies offering customers travel-related services such as transportation, accommodation, financial services, etc. They have a vast portfolio of products, including car rentals, bus, flight tickets, hotel accommodations, and more. 

The company was founded in Indonesia in 2012. It has since grown to become one of the best travel platforms globally, joining the ranks of companies such as Trivago, CheapOair, and Kiwi! If you'd like to go to Southeast Asia—you can rely on Traveloka to help you book your travel.

Traveloka logo.

Who owns Traveloka? 

Traveloka was founded by Ferry Unardi, one of Indonesia's most successful entrepreneurs. Before he created Traveloka, Ferry was a student at Purdue University. He then worked as a software engineer for Microsoft then pursued MBA at Harvard Business School.

He frequently booked flights from his hometown in West Sumatra, Indonesia, to the United States. He found the booking and travel process complicated and time-consuming that he wanted to create a solution.

In 2012, Ferry took a risk, left Harvard, and capitalized on the fast-growing e-ticket industry. The rest is history. Today, Traveloka is one of the most popular travel websites in Asia. It has also partnered with more than 100 local and international airlines. 

How Traveloka Works 

Traveloka, as previously mentioned, is an online travel agency where you can manage flights, accommodations, and trips. But that's not all. There are many other things you can do with Traveloka. 

Traveloka started out as a small flight search and comparison site, but it ultimately grew into a comprehensive travel app where users can customize and pay for their trips using the platform. Aside from booking flights, you can also book hotels, cars, apartments, and various services for your travel trip.

How do you plan a trip with Traveloka?

So, how do you plan your trip with Traveloka? There are basically two ways you can do it. The first is on Traveloka's website, where you can book flights, hotels, airport transfers, car rental, and more.

The second way to book your trip is through their mobile app: Traveloka Lifestyle Superapp. Their mobile app does everything the website can, but it has two newly added features: flight status and price alert. You can see your flight status and your airline's flight price drops or increase on the mobile app. 

How do you get a refund from Traveloka?

Traveloka offers refunds for flights, car rental, and airport transfers. You can simply request a refund via the Traveloka App. Once in the app, simply find the "Refund" option, select your reason, and complete your refund requirements. After submitting, you can keep track of your refund status via "My Refund" from your "My Account" menu. 

How to change your flight ticket date with Traveloka? 

Flight rescheduling is made super easy with Traveloka. 

  1. Go to their app and find the "My Booking" option. 
  2. Click the "Reschedule" button to request the change of date. 
  3. Select your flight and passengers to reschedule.
  4. Choose your new flight along with new booking details. 
  5. Complete your payment to confirm the rescheduling. 

What We Like About Traveloka 

Traveloka is an all-in-one travel and lifestyle platform. It has everything to make your travel experience a blast. You won't need to download another app for anything because you can do almost everything travel-rated on Traveloka. From flight bookings and hotel accommodations to finding the best restaurants in the area—Traveloka has it all!

What We Didn't Like About Traveloka 

There are things you can do on mobile that you can't do through its website. Although many of their customers use smartphones, it's still a bit of a hassle that you can't use the desktop app to check your flight status or see price alerts. 

Is Traveloka Worth It? 

For an online booking platform, Traveloka is very reliable. Its features are helpful, convenient, and accommodating to all users. Its price finder can help you find the lowest fares, a favorite among bargain hunters. Traveloka's price alerts feature is also accurate. You can easily budget your trip once you know how much your fare prices cost. 

Traveloka's wide range of airlines and hotels available is one of its most robust features. When comparing prices, you can find smaller airlines alongside more prominent airlines in their app. You'll also find all the best hotels in the area you wish to visit. 

Our Rating: 4.6/5 


  • Fast, easy, and useful features and booking services
  • Price alerts for cheap fares and flights
  • Clean, intuitive mobile app
  • Lots of discounts and loyalty rewards


  • Difficulty in rescheduling flights
  • No flight tracking/alerts on the website.

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