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Generator Hostels Review [2023]: Boutique, but actually worth it?

Generator Hostels Review [2023]: Boutique, but actually worth it?

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Generator Hostels is a hostel chain that you've likely encountered if you're booking a trip around Europe. Whether it's Paris, Copenhagen, Dublin, Berlin, or Venice, you can find a Generator Hostel nearby. Are you wondering if Generator Hostels are the one for you, and what's so special about them? Keep reading to find out all about them.

When you’re planning a trip, there are so many details to nail down before you can get the adventure going. There’s itinerary planning, buying your flights, figuring out what you want to see (check out our list of most recommended travel planning apps for help with this), and perhaps most importantly, figuring out where you want to stay.

One of the best ways to save on your budget while traveling is to stay in hostels. No matter where you’re traveling, hostels are a great way to economize, meet new people, and make the most of your time abroad. Sometimes choosing a hostel for your travels can be overwhelming, but we’re here to help give you some suggestions. Today, we’re going to be talking about Generator Hostels!

What are Generator Hostels?

Generator Hostels is a “boutique accommodation” hostel brand located in the biggest cities in central Europe, with two locations in the US as well. Their raison d’etre, or mission, is to provide travelers with affordable luxury rooms while also hosting social events for guests and locals, alike. They want to help you travel on a budget, while also allowing you to party and enjoy yourself where you’re staying.

Each Generator Hostel is centrally located to provide visitors with easy access to the best sights to see, and is equipped with breakfast facilities, as well as chill out rooms and bars where you can meet fellow travelers, relax after a busy day of sightseeing, or have fun into the early hours of the morning.

If this sounds like the hostel for you, you aren’t alone in thinking that!

With an average rating of 8.2/10 on Hostelworld, it’s clear that Generator Hostels are a great place to stay. Unfortunately they are not located everywhere, but you can find Generator Hostels in London, Dublin, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Berlin (Mitte and Prenzlauer Berg), Hamburg, Madrid, Paris, Rome, Stockholm, and Venice in Europe, with locations in Miami and Washington DC in the US!

If you’re planning on hitting up any of these locations, definitely check them out

Who owns Generator Hostels?

Generator Hostels started as a family venture in 1995 between the two Duffy siblings in London and Berlin. Following their initial success, Generator Hostels was expanded to more destinations, and finally in 2017, was acquired by Queensgate Investments.

As of 2020, Generator Hostels has expanded to 15 locations, with 13 in Europe, and two in the US (with Washington DC being the latest location to open in 2020). 

How much does Generator Hostels cost?

The cost for a night’s stay at a Generator Hostel will vary based on the location you have chosen. Generator Hostels have private room options, as well as shared room options, which can range from three to 16 beds. There are also all female room options available.

The more people you are willing to share with, the lower the nightly cost of your stay. In addition to your bed, your nightly rate will also get you linens, free Wifi, access to the bars on site (although you are still responsible for your tab), and 24 hour reception. 

What's included and what's not in Generator Hostel?

Not included in your nightly price are things like towels, breakfast, and laundry. Towels are available for an extra fee when you check in, around 30DKK in Copenhagen, and approximately 4€ in other European locations to rent for the duration of your stay. Breakfast starts from 3,50€ per day, which can be paid for when you book your stay, or at reception.

Laundry is available at some locations, although the fee for this is not disclosed on their website. You can inquire directly with them if you would like to take advantage of this service during your travels!

Generator Hostels unique facilities

Each Generator Hostel has their own unique facilities to make your stay at each different location special and memorable.

Generator Copenhagen

At Generator Copenhagen, you can look forward to being able to hire a bike for your journey through the city, as well as a permanent ice bar! Talk about a cool hostel experience!

Some Generator Hostels have their own restaurants where you can dine in as well.

Take advantage of that perk in when you visit each Generator Hostel! There are locations in Barcelona, Berlin - Prenzlauer Berg (which also includes a beer garden), Copenhagen, London, Madrid, Paris, Rome, Stockholm, and Venice.

At Generator Dublin, take advantage of discounted Jameson and Guinness tours to explore the famous Irish distillery and brewery.

At Generator Paris, get your party on with their underground club, which stays open until 2:00am, and will allow you a safe, and easy return to your lodging when you’re done for the evening.

Since each Generator Hostel offers something a little different, you can look forward to exploring them all, and having a great time while doing so!

Image Courtesy of Generator Hostel

Generator Hostels Promo Code

Looking to save some money on your stay at Generator Hostels? They are generous to provide an offers and deals page on their own website. There you will find any promo codes you can use when you book direct through Generator Hostels.

They do have expiration dates and are only good for travel during a certain period, but it’s worth checking out that page before you plan your journey to see if there are any codes that might save you some money! Some promo codes will be available at all locations, while some will be specific to certain Generator Hostels locations.

Other things to know when staying at Generator Hostels

When planning your stay at a Generator Hostel, there are a few more things you should know before you arrive. If you’re someone who likes to plan out your days meticulously when you travel, be sure to pencil in that for all EU locations, check in is any time from 14:00, while check out is before 10:00.

You may, of course, drop off your luggage with the 24 hour reception anytime before check in, but be aware that luggage storage is not free. Generator Hostels have locker services that you can pay a small fee to use for a 24 hour period, and this is what you will use if you want your luggage stored before check in or after check out.

The price for 24 hours of a medium locker ranges from 4€ - 8€, depending on the location (with the cost being 60DKK in Copenhagen, 55SEK in Stockholm, and £7 in London). Prices in US locations are currently $10 in Miami and free in Washington DC. 

Plan your stay at Generator Hostels

If you’ve decided to stay at Generator Hostels, that’s great! They offer affordable accommodation in central locations that are perfect for a solo traveler. Whether you’re on the go from sun up to sun down, or merely looking for a place to meet fellow travelers, Generator Hostels have the perfect mix of social, fun, and affordability for people looking to make the most of their vacations.

If you have any specific questions for Generator Hostels, be sure to visit their contact us page, where you can get in contact with a specific Generator Hostel to answer all your questions.

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