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Fast & Secured Vpn For Chrome For All Your Searches

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Nord VPN is a free VPN Chrome extension that safeguards the Internet traffic in your browser and alters your Internet Protocol. The split tunneling feature of Nord VPN allows you to select which websites you want to protect and which websites you do not want to safeguard. Threat Protection Lite blocks invasive advertisements and risky websites. Therefore, download Nord VPN on your device and secure activities online.

Why should you Add Nord VPN for Chrome?

You should add Nord VPN for Chrome for the following benefits.

  • To protect your browsing experience without making any compromise on your speed.
  • Select which Universal Resource Locator you want to safeguard with the split tunneling feature.
  • You can easily set up the free VPN for Chrome on your MacBook, Chromebook, Windows, or Linux device.
  • With the help of the Threat Protection Lite feature, the Nord VPN for Chrome blocks intrusive advertisements and malignant websites.
  • Immobilizing the WebRTC Protocol keeps your Internet Protocol secure.

Advantages of Using Nord VPN for Chrome

The advantages or merits of using Nord VPN for Chrome are:

1. Browse Securely Using Public Wi-Fi

 if you are using unprotected public Wi-Fi.The free VPN for Chrome hides your Internet Protocol address and conceals the traffic on your web browser so that no person can peek into your browsing data and know what you are browsing, even if you are using unprotected public Wi-Fi.

2. The Threat Protection Lite Feature

The Threat Protection Lite feature

The Threat Protection Lite feature on Nord VPN for Chrome blocks misleading advertisements and malicious websites. It prevents you from browsing dangerous advertisements and websites.

3. Protects Internet Protocol from Getting Leaked

The Nord VPN for Chrome immobilizes the WebRTC protocol

The Nord VPN for Chrome immobilizes the WebRTC protocol that might disclose your Internet Protocol address, which you do not want to disclose.

4. Split Tunnelling Feature

You can protect your Internet Protocol address

You do not have to switch off the VPN for Chrome for certain websites. You can protect your Internet Protocol address with the split tunneling feature of Nord VPN. The Nord VPN extension for Chrome allows you to leave certain Universal Resource Locators out of the Virtual Private Network proxy connection while securing the others.

An Effortless Solution for Privacy

1. Privacy with Just One Tap

prevent third parties from peeking into your browsing history.

The Nord VPN for Chrome takes only a few seconds to safeguard your Internet Protocol address and prevent third parties from peeking into your browsing history. You must tap on the Quick Connect feature and enjoy browsing in privacy.

2. Single Account and Multiple Devices

you can open a single account

Do you want to secure more than only browsing through Chrome? If yes, you can open a single account and use the same account on up to six devices.

3. Your Internet Protocol, Your Rules

you could use your Internet Protocol for other connections on your device.

The VPN for Chrome protects only traffic in your web browser, which implies that you could use your Internet Protocol for other connections on your device.

4. Full Speed Privacy

  • Effortless Browsing

progressive computer server technology

Due to the comprehensive framework of the VPN for Chrome and progressive computer server technology, you can browse without disturbance.

  • No high-frequency Limits- The VPN for Chrome does not put any artificial restraints on your browsing experience. It would be best if you pushed your Virtual Private Network connection to the maximum level with the Nord Virtual Private Network application.
  • Steady Access-  The free UK VPN Chrome extension comprises over 5400 servers in 59 nations on all five continents to assure you a stable Virtual Private Network connection wherever you are.

How to Install the Nord VPN for Chrome?

To install the Nord VPN for Chrome, follow the steps below.

  • Download VPN Chrome Extension from the website, or you can get it from the web store of Google Chrome.
  • Tap on the Add to Chrome option.
  • Google Chrome may enquire whether you wish to add the extension. Tap on the Add Extension button.
  • You would then receive a notification displaying that the addition of the extension is a success.
  • After the installation of Nord VPN for Chrome is completed, the logo of Nord VPN will appear in the toolbar at the right-hand side corner on the top of the browser.
  • Tap on the logo of Nord VPN, and you will be asked to either log into your account or sign up.

How Can You Use and Custom-Built the VPN for Chrome?

 it will inform you of a successful connection

To use and custom-build the Nord VPN for Chrome. Follow the steps below:

  • When you connect to the Virtual Private Network Server, it will inform you of a successful connection and show the Protected Status.
  • Quick Connect is the quickest way to connect to a server. After clicking on the Quick Connect option, you will immediately be connected to a Nord VPN server.
  • When the Quick Connect feature decides the server selection, the Search option will let you mention the country of Nord Virtual Private Network.
  • On the Account Setting page, you will find details about your account, alter the extension’s language, and set up the Split Tunnelling settings.
  • Get more details about the Nord Virtual Private Network extension from the Support Assistance and chat with an agent option you will find here.
  • In the notification section, you will find all the recent updates and news related to the Nord Virtual Private Network extension.
  • You can enable the Threat Protection Lite and the WebRTC Leak feature from the Privacy and Security Controls section.
  • Go to the VPN Settings. Turn on the automatic connection feature and the Split Tunnelling feature.
  • You will get access to the main extension window if you click on the Main Extension Window.
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