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FaceCradle Review [2023]

FaceCradle Review [2023]: Is it the Best Travel Neck Pillow?

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Your journey from start to end determines the success of your entire trip, from when you leave home for the airport to your time onboard the plane. For long travels, it's necessary to have something that can provide a comfortable and secure sleeping experience.

To keep yourself warm and comfy, essentials such as travel blankets and travel pillows come to mind. A travel pillow can be an excellent comfort for a good and peaceful sleep. This is where the FaceCradle travel pillow comes into play.

FaceCradle travel pillows have an ergonomic design that snugly fits your head and neck. But with other brands like Trtl on the market, how does FaceCradle stand out?

Well, this is where this review comes in handy.

FaceCradle Logo

What is FaceCradle?

FaceCradle is a brand of travel pillow designed with its unique patented "twin pillow system." Sprung support helps keep your head and neck in the correct position while you sleep, preventing aches and pains.

This makes FaceCradle travel pillows suitable for both long and short trips alike. The company claims its pillows are best for sleeping in economy class on long-haul flights of up to 8 hours.

FaceCradle was invented by portfolio traveler David Scrimshaw, who has also won multiple international design awards. It offers many reliable and comfortable travel pillow options for those who wish to sleep soundly on the go.

Best Features of FaceCradle Travel Pillows

It's wise to first learn about the product's features before purchasing. Here are some of the best features that FaceCradle travel pillows have.

Twin Pillow System with High-Tech Fabrics

As mentioned earlier, the twin pillow system properly supports your head and neck while you sleep. This is the best part of FaceCradle's unique design. The ergonomic system combines high-tech fabrics to provide comfort, support, and breathability.

A Woman Wearing FaceCradle's Travel Pillow

Adjustable Strap for Head and Arm Support

The adjustable strap makes it easier to adjust the pillow according to your needs and supports your head and arms. This way, you won't have the problem of falling out of the pillow and waking up with an aching neck! Not a good way to start a trip.

Instructions to Attach FaceCradle's Loops

Squeeze & Flip Technique

With this technique, you can open the pillow quickly and, after use, squeeze and flip it back. No more struggling to open your travel pillow every time you need it!

Internal Frames for Support

Another great feature of the FaceCradle travel pillow is the internal frames which provide extra support. This allows the pillow to maintain a firm and comfortable grip.

What Makes FaceCradle Different From Trtl?

FaceCradle and Trtl are both popular travel pillows on the market. But what makes FaceCradle different from Trtl?

One of the most significant differences is the material of the pillows. While FaceCradle uses high-tech fabrics that keep the face and neck cool, Trtl uses fabrics that keep you cozy and warm. So choose the pillow that suits your needs.

Another difference is the twin pillow system of FaceCradle, which keeps your head and neck in the correct position. This feature is absent in Trtl, as the pillow's design wraps around the neck. 

FaceCradle's popular model Wanderlust II also offers accessories that block light and noise, giving you complete privacy to sleep peacefully. 

One last difference is that the Wanderlust original isn't as light as some of the Trtl models, but it is still lightweight and easy to carry. Trtl can be ideal for those always on the go, as its pillows can be easily bent and packed in a bag.

Top Picks From FaceCradle

With so many options, deciding the right pillow for you can be challenging. Here are my top picks from FaceCradle:

Wanderlust II

The latest and most popular model from FaceCradle, Wanderlust II, is the perfect choice for ultimate comfort and support. It comes with an adjustable strap for head and arm support, which makes it ideal for long trips.


  • Internal frames
  • Metal hinges and springs to hold your body weight
  • Safety harness that connects to head and armrests
  • Earplugs to block noise
  • Washable and durable drawstring bag

Price: $79.95(Discounted)

FaceCradle Wanderlust, Multi-Function Travel Neck Pillow
Image Courtesy of FaceCradle

FaceCradle Original

This legendary model has gained over 200 million views on Facebook and sales of over 200,000 to date. It's an ideal option for a comfortable and budget-friendly travel pillow.


  • Super soft and breathable fabric
  • Reinforced frames with spring and flex
  • 5 modes of comfort
  • Washable and brushable velour covers with zippers
  • Detachable safety harness

Price: $54.99 (Discounted)

Face Cradle Original Travel Neck Pillow

FaceCradle Tripster

The outstanding FaceCradle Tripster is for travelers and commuters who want to get the most out of their pillows. It has all the features required for a good night's sleep on the go.


  • Hypoallergenic memory foam
  • Removable and washable polyester covers
  • Detachable safety harness
  • Fully adjustable, with 5+ modes of comfort
  • 4-way stretch fabric

Price: $49.99 (Discounted)

FaceCradle Tripster Neck Pillow

Is FaceCradle Travel Pillow Worth it?

Indeed, the FaceCradle travel pillow is worth it for a comfortable and supportive travel pillow. It's durable, breathable, and offers many features for a good night's sleep.

The unique designs are perfect for long trips. It's a great choice if you prefer a pillow that will conform to your neck and head shape. The many adjustable modes also make it ideal for any sleeping position. 

In short, FaceCradle is one of the best travel pillows on the market today, and it's an excellent option for comfort and support.

Our rating: 4.7/5


  • Various modes of comfort
  • Various material options
  • Frequent discounts
  • Some models include accessories


  • Bulky to carry around
  • Straps may not fit the seat properly
  • It's not foldable but squeezable

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