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Emirates Airlines Evaluation/Review

Emirates Airlines Evaluation

I've travelled on Emirates twice, and this post contains information from two reviews of the airline that may appear to be poles apart.

Phuket Boeing 777 flight from Emirates

I've heard nothing but good things about Emirates, so I was eager to take a flight with them on my birthday. I took a Boeing 777-300ER (77W) from Dulles Airport to Phuket, Thailand, with a connection in Dubai. Since it was a Monday and many people were taking flights back to Dubai, there was a large queue. The counter staff acted in a rather robotic manner. I inquired about the cost of a first class upgrade and was informed that it was not an option as I had no miles. Two free checked bags up to 50 pounds each are permitted, but only one carry-on bag—a handbag or laptop bag—can weigh more than 15 pounds. I was unaware of this. I had to consolidate before because I thought I'd only need one carry-on and one personal item.


I looked up evaluations of the aircraft on before the travel. The reviews were accurate in stating how cramped the seats were. I contrasted it to my Southwest trip to Washington, DC, which had what seemed like more space. I requested to be relocated to bulkhead seats for the remainder of my flights. My knees touched the seat in front because I am 5'7". I got the entire first row of bulkhead seats to myself on the journey to Phuket.


Food on Emirates Flight

I loved the food and free spirits. Depending on where you are seating they may run out of certain items but as a person that only eats fish and chicken, I was able to find something. I had 2 meals and two snacks within the 13 hrs and an example of a snack is a pizza. I felt so full. You can preview the menu before your flight and request a vegan plate. I packed snacks on the carry-on but did not need them and could have essentially checked them. The food menu tends to be in line with your destination.