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Condor Business Class Review, Frankfurt to Calgary

Condor Business Class Review, Frankfurt to Calgary

Condor offers a fairly reliable business class service to and from Europe with some of the lowest fares around. They play an interesting role as both low cost carrier AND premium product.

Recently we found an amazing first class deal from Europe to the United States but we didn’t know how we were going to get back FROM Europe to the US. We found a deal on Condor from Frankfurt to Calgary (with connection on Alaska to Seattle) for only $899 in business class one-way. With a price like that, we had to nab it.


The boarding area was fairly well defined, although there wasn’t a specialized area for Business class passengers. We just hung out near the entry door (we became the gate lice) and waited for them to make the announcement. Once boarding was ready we were first in line and first to get on the plane!

Condor Boarding Area

Condor Boarding Area

The Seat and Comfort

Condor uses angled lie flat seats for their business class seat. While I wouldn’t choose this seat to fly from West to East, flying during the day from East to West is totally acceptable. They aren’t the most comfortable for sleeping.

I will say that the pillow was quite fluffy and comfortable and the blanket was VERY warm. Almost too warm, in fact.

Condor Business Class Seat

There was plenty of leg room to stretch out when you’re seated, but because of that tight cubby hole, when you recline to sleep it does tend to cramp your feet (if you’re a back sleeper).

Condor Business Class Seat

Condor Cramped Leg Room

Here’s the controls for the seat, and as you can tell, some awesome marketing expert decided to put a fully lie flat picture for the bed mode. Bullshit. It’s not. Don’t believe them ☺

Condor Business Seat Controls

The table comes out of the arm rest and unlike many airlines that have one that folds in two, this one is a full solid piece.

Condor Business Class Table

Not really sure what’s up with this, but during the safety presentation, it showed a Thomas Cook airplane. I understand that they’re partners, but it seems like if I’m flying Condor, I should be seeing a Condor plane.

Condor? Or Thomas Cook?

The two seats on the right in the first row are blocked off for pilot and crew rest. Almost immediately after take off, the seats are shut off with the curtain.

Condor Crew Rest

I really hate these lights. I really, really hate them. They look like some sort of alien eye piece, set to pilot some kind of starship. They also get in the way when you want to talk to the person next to you.

Condor Seat Lights

Just after being seated we were offered a PDB (pre departure beverage) and I chose the Mimosa. Nice touch that it was served in actual glass not plastic.

Condor Pre Departure Mimosa

Next were the headphones. I prefer to use my Bose QC25’s when I travel, so while nice, I didn’t use them.

Condor Headphones

The movie selection left a little bit to be desired, but I suppose when you travel as much as we do, the same movies are the ones that you get to watch over and over again. I’d seen most of them, but I suppose that’s not the case for most people reading this review.

The Meal

Well, the picture looks good on the outside of the menu. Let’s see if they can deliver on what the photo promises!

Condor Business Class Menu

Starter: Rabbit Mousse, Sushi, and Salad
Main: Veal Steak or Codfish or Truffle Ravioli
Cheese: Goat Cheese and Red Onion confit
Bread: Pretzels or Rolls
Dessert: Mascarpone cake

Midflight Treat: Haagen Dazs,

Snack: Salad greens, Chicken Tikka, White Chocoate Mousse, Breads, Tea/Coffee


Champagne: Nicolas Feuillatte, not exceptional, but not the worst! Cost $30
Wine: Two red, three white, one port
Interesting Alcohol: Cherry Brandy and Campari

Food service

We started off with a Campari Spritz. Looks like Condor might also be going through an identity crisis. My glass said “comfort class” and Ben’s said “business class.”

Condor Campari

Here’s the presentation. Judge for yourself, This doesn’t look like a low-cost carrier to me! The food was beyond amazing.

The quality of the starters was better than British, Air France, Lufthansa, really anyone that I could think of in their business class.

Condor Appetizers

While the presentation lacked a bit when it came to heating up the mains, the taste was out of this world. Ben got the veal and I got the Ravioli.

Condor Business Ravioli

Condor Veal

Breads and cheese, yes please! Also, the mascarpone berry tart was perfection. A little coffee to finish it off and you’ve got the perfect inflight meal.


Honestly, the food blew me away. I had half expected a box lunch but they really put time and thought into their product. Nicely done!

I ordered the Chicken Tikka for my snack and Ben asked for a second helping of the Ravioli. They had some left over so they were happy to oblige. More pretzels of course, because… well… it’s a German airline… and they do pretzels well!

Condor Snacks

Condor Second Snacks

Condor Chicken Tikka

Shortly after that, it was on to landing in Calgary and clearing Immigration.

Earning Miles

Condor partners with Alaska Airlines, and because we were in paid business class, we earned a BOATLOAD of miles and points. 300% to be exact.

Condor Alaska Earning

Overall Impressions

I didn’t know what to expect with Condor. I was surprised that the catering was as good as it was, and the service was always with a smile. It sure didn’t feel like a low cost carrier.

I don’t know if I would fly them from the USA to Europe, simply because the sleep wasn’t that great. Being that we took a daytime flight, the seat was plenty comfortable for what we needed to do.

Lastly, the ability to earn 300% mileage to Alaska’s Mileage Plan sealed the deal. If we ever find a deal like this again, you can be sure that we’re going to fly Condor.

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