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Cleartrip review: Can you rely on their travel booking services?

Booking tour around the world varies, and there are so many services to help you accomplish that. With each presenting a slightly special angle on the offerings they offer, it’s difficult to know which kind of carrier you need. Even while you understand what form of offerings you need, how do you understand whether or not they’re authentic?

We’re here that will help you out. Nowadays, we are searching at and reviewing an India-based journey service.

Cleartrip is a reasonably-priced flight seek engine that facilitates you e book flights, educate tickets, lodges, and sports. They focus commonly on India and the middle East, but a number of their capabilities amplify to other elements of the sector.

So how does Cleartrip work, and is it an tremendous provider to use? Maintain analyzing to discover our deep dive into the tour reserving provider, Cleartrip.

Table of Contents

  • 1 what's Cleartrip?
  • 2 What are the features Cleartrip gives?
  • 2.1 Flights
  • 2.2 lodges
  • 2.Three activities
  • 2.4 Trains
  • 3 Highlights of Cleartrip
  • Three.1 masses of sports for India and the center East
  • 3.2 Flight alerts 
  • Three.3 offers and offers
  • Four limitations of Cleartrip
  • Four.1 enlarge across the world
  • 4.2 extra Flexibility in search features
  • Four.Three upload extra functions
  • Five Is Cleartrip really worth it?
  • Five.Zero.1 pros:
  • 5.Zero.2 Cons:
  • 6 Plan your next ride with Pilot.

What is Cleartrip?

Cleartrip is a travel reserving carrier that enables with flights, hotels, trains, and sports. They may be based totally in India, focusing typically on travel within the middle East and Asia. Nonetheless, you could use their offerings for foremost cities around the sector.


What are the features Cleartrip offers?

Cleartrip has four services they provide:





Allow’s dive into what precisely do these features do, beginning with their main function provider, flights.


Broadly speaking, Cleartrip offers a cheap flight search service in which you can search for flights across many airlines worldwide.

You want to input your departure and arrival airports, dates, and how many people are flying to begin a search. You could also upload your seat elegance and airline if you have a preference.

Then, as soon as your search returns the flights for your date and route, you may clear out it even similarly by the following filters:

Wide variety of stops

Departure time



Ride period

Layover duration

While you are prepared to ebook, you could do so on Cleartrip’s website



Subsequent is Cleartrip’s hotel feature. You can use this to look for and ebook motels around the arena. You want to look with specific dates and the variety of rooms and guests. Then, you may pick your vacation spot via metropolis name, a landmark, or the precise lodge name.

A majority of the inns available on Cleartrip are in India. There are greater than three,000 Goa lodges on the website that you can e book. But, you can discover resorts international the use of this seek feature.



Some other feature of Cleartrip is the sports page which enables you find things to do in greater than a hundred towns international. Maximum of the towns are in India, however additionally they recommend sports in other elements of Asia and Europe. The activities are available in a extensive range, so all and sundry can find some thing they revel in.

In Asia, they have got many nightlife sports like pub crawls and lots of meals excursions. Cleartrip’s european activities are tremendous for history and culture in cities like Barcelona, London, and Paris. India’s most famous towns for Cleartrip sports are Bangalore, Goa, Mumbai, and New Delhi, that have extra than 1,450 sports among those four cities.


Finally, Cleartrip has a educate search function, just like the resort and flight search features. All you need is your departure and vacation spot, your date, and which class price ticket you need, and Cleartrip will show you the available trains.

The trains characteristic limited to the ones at the Indian Railway and nowhere else within the international. So, it’s an exceptional device for educate tour in India. Still, you want to apply a extraordinary seek engine for anywhere else.

If you aren't seeing the capabilities you want in a journey planner, take a look at out our evaluations of the top loose tour planner apps for more alternatives.

Highlights of Cleartrip

Lots of Activities for India and the Middle East

Cleartrip gives thousands of sports in India and the middle East, with greater than 900 activities in Bangalore by myself. Other popular cities consist of Goa, Mumbai, New Delhi, and Kolkata.

In case you are traveling in this area, Cleartrip is an outstanding useful resource for reserving activities at the same time as you are there and getting notion for which cities you ought to visit.


Flight Alerts 

The flight seek on Cleartrip has a whole lot of options to help you discover the high-quality flights to your date, path, and another filters you may have. As soon as your seek is installation, you may turn on price alerts.

You could set up signals for all flights on a single day, or you could clear out your seek and get alerts simplest for the flights that fit your filters. Flight indicators can be despatched on your telephone, e-mail, or both.

Deals and Offers

Cleartrip offers an expansion of offers to their customers, like reductions on accommodations in particular destinations, on flights on certain airlines, or among specific destinations.

The offers are handiest valid on bookings in eight international locations, stemming from India and the middle East. However, those locations are Cleartrip’s cognizance, so the deals work for most customers.

Limitations of Cleartrip

Expand Internationally

Cleartrip desires to increase its services outside of Asia and the middle East. Whilst their focus is on these nations and awesome provider, they exclude travelers traveling outdoor of Asia by means of limiting the sports and services on their site for those countries.

You can find flights, sports, and accommodations from international locations global, but the alternatives are not as suitable as their number one nations. And, the train seek is best for train tickets at the Indian Railways system.

If they could expand to different international locations, they could be a much greater useful search tool. Because the locations are constrained, vacationers will have to use different tour search web sites to plot journey outside India. The usage of distinct search gear that have locations international means Cleartrip isn’t vital.

More Flexibility in Search Features

Cleartrip requires you to be unique together with your searches for flights, inns, and trains. You have to know your dates, and in case you want to find something cheaper, you will have to change your search dates and manually compare charges.

For example, you need to install your unique dates whilst attempting to find accommodations. It might be high-quality to have a function to put in a selected month or maybe simply see the bottom prices for a specific town or inn.

Add More Features

Proper now, Cleartrip handiest gives the four features we defined above, which is a great start, however they are able to add extra due to the fact that tour involves extra than just four things. They may enlarge to other kinds of transportation or travel publications and recommendations within India and beyond.

Every other tour site that focuses on Indian travel is MakeMyTrip (which we also reviewed!). They have some more functions that Cleartrip doesn’t have, together with a bus booking carrier and a currency trading. You may additionally ebook applications and occasions like tours and gala's inside and outside of India.

Is Cleartrip worth it?

Cleartrip is a high-quality aid for tourists in India and components of the center East. They offer exceptional flight, motel, and educate searches for tourists in those nations, as well as lots of sports within the place’s cities.

But, if you are visiting out of doors of these areas, Cleartrip’s usefulness is surprisingly low. There aren't any trains available outdoor of India, and the activities offered are drastically lower. You could nevertheless search for, and e book flights, however different services offer tourists outdoor of India greater alternatives.



  • Extraordinary for Indian and middle japanese travel
  • Flight signals in your smartphone and email
  • Sports in a hundred+ towns
  • Offers and coupons, in the main for India tour


  • Amplify to more places
  • Want bendy searches, no longer just particular dates
  • Provide greater functions like a bus search

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