5 Things To Love About Maurices

5 Things To Love About Maurices

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Here are the top five things that will make you also fall in love with Maurices because we did:


Amazing customer service

Maurices have excellent customer service. The employees there are friendly, always available as well as helpful. We bought a dress once and took it home plus removed the tags. But later we noticed a hole in it and took it back. They offer us a full refund even after the tags were removed. This was nice and we were happy. Plus, they offered us some coupons when we checked out.


Nominal prices

We cannot call Maurice cheap but offer nominally priced products. An average will cost around $40, jeans start from $29 whereas blouses are from $24. They also have a nice collection of shoes as well as accessories. A sling bag costs around $29 and a headband around $12.



They have various sizes and it also has a large plus-size section. Also, their clothes run true to their size.


Different styles

There are many things that you will love when you walk into the store. They have different styles. They have classy pieces that lure Hepburn wannabe, spiffy business wear as well as some basic things for casual wear.



Maurices is always having great sales. But if you don’t have a Maurices store near you then you can visit their website and get the best deals.

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